Fleet financing

Operational Leasing Financing & Taxation
Operational Leasing Financing & Taxation
The investment value covers all expenses related to the registration of the vehicle.

Investment value
= Net vehicle procurement value + Registration tax
+ property acquisition tax + Handover fee
(depreciation, interest)
  • Operation (flat-rate for maintenance and tires; other on-demand, regular services: assistance, fuel cards, replacement car, etc.)
  • Lessee can travel VAT-free, as VAT is refundable based on company usage
  • Insurances (compulsory, Casco, GAP, passenger insurance)
  • VAT of related services is also refundable
  • Taxes, admin fees, other services
  • All taxes related to the vehicle are paid by the lessee. These costs are included in the monthly fee.
  • Lessor can claim VAT refund on the vehicle
  • Full rental fee is eligible for deduction as costs. Amortization and its risks are born by the leaser.
  • Monthly fee is based on the vehicle’s net purchase price
  • The vehicle is not listed in the lessee’s books.
  • VAT content of vehicle’s residual value shall be paid by its final purchaser

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