Hyundai H1 7+1 M/T

Hyundai H1 7+1 M/T
Engine capacity: 2500 ccm
Performance: 140/0 KW/HP
Doors: 5
Fuel: diesel
Transmission: manual
Design: van
2 150 AZN* 1 Year 1 700 AZN* 2 Year 1 590 AZN* 3 Year 1 420 AZN* 4 Year Mileage: 15 000 km/year Ask for an Offer *The prices are indicative without VAT.
Avis reserves the right to make adjustments on pricing. Prices may vary according to different conditions.
Our prices include:
Registration tax Corporate taxes Compulsory insurance Maintenance Replacement car service First aid kit
Registration costs Power tax Casco Tire service Assistance Service (0 - 24) Registration and handling of traffic violations
BMW i3 is the world’s first electric car which has only and only one reason from the beginning when it has designed, produced and created, that is to have sustainability for its driver. This is a purely electric vehicle which leads us, that the car produces zero emissions and emits no odor when you use it, so we can clearly say you found your perfect travel company in the city.

BMW i3 is not just a green car, with its agility and acceleration – it can go from 0 to 100km/hour speed in 7.2 seconds- it directly offers the brands usual driving comfort. To start the engine you just have to make a soft move on the gas pedal and the BMW i3 will fire out without any hesitation – with power and without hearing any sound of it.

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